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iittala Aalto Clear Mini Bowl – 5-1/2″

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iittala bowl inspired by Alvar Aalto’s groundbreaking 1937 glass creation. Glassblowers mold the glass bowl by hand to capture Aalto’s mysterious form. The Shape of Aalto’s creation defies definition with unpredictable fluid curves that emulate the natural lakes of his native Finland

This timeless design could easily fit on almost any surface, the clear mini bowl can store paperclips and thumbtacks on a desktop or serve nuts and candies at a cocktail party. The possibilites are as seemingly endless as this 1936 award-winning design’s appeal.

Designed by Alvar Aalto


Designed in Finland

Made in Finland

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Brand: iittala
Designer: Alvar Aalto
Product family: iittala Aalto Glass Trays
Material: Mouth-blown glass
Measurements: 5-1/2″ L x 1-1/2″ H (14 x 4 cm)



Alvar Aalto

Born in Kuortane Finland in 1898, Alvar Aalto is one of Finland’s most important architects/designers. A modern-minded individual whose organic designs were completely unique, he introduced new styles and shapes to the world. An architecture graduate from Helenski University of Technology, Aalto opened his own firm shortly after graduation which led to a thriving empire which exists even today. Famous for his free-form glass vases, trays, innovative furniture, natural lighting fixtures and beautiful buildings, Aalto imaginative spirit of design remains unmatched.

A designer in tune with his natural surroundings, Aalto manipulated stiff mediums like wood and glass to create surprisingly organic structures that imitated life. Recognized for his work, Aalto has won countless awards but his win at the Paris World’s Fair for his glass Savoy Vase in 1937 is among his most glamorous. Today he is a design icon and his legacy continues at iittala.


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