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Song of the day – To the end

One of the most mod influence band in the 90’s ,with it’s middle class well educated mod attitude and Damon’s sex appeal to the girls, Blur defines the whole new era for mod with this classic “Parklife” album.

The national mod anthem for the 90’s ” Boys and Girls” comes spinning in, the drums and the keyboard sounds just right on the vinyl with lots of that analogue vitamins. I then went straight to my all time favourite track “End of the century”, how can one not sing along to the whole song through in joy with the hilarious lyrics ‘your mind gets dirty as you get closer to thirty’.

By reinventing mod and Britpop, with a dose of some classy French pop elements, Blur done it beautifully with the classic “To the end”. britpop was never the same since this track.









by Modmod Monkey

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