The way music was meant to be heard was on vinyl.

I am getting a bit bored of digital gadgets recently, and I know too much digital sound Is hazardous to health. It’s amazed how the moment you turn on your vinyl player and the analogue sound just pour in your mind and soul like wine, so natural, authentic and poetic.

I think I am a genius figuring out this most inventive way of listening to music by merging the analogue and cyber equipment gear together to give this authentic experience. I simply hook up the TEAC SL-200 turntable system with the TDK Life on Record Boombox Audio System together, and Bang Bang Shoot Shoot! Its the best music experience I ever encountered!

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IMG_20141228_145844 (2)


A thought just flashed through me, the most modmod way to listen to music is on vinyl,  I came up with this idea to start up The modmod Vinyl Club and let’s share our vinyl experience with the real music lovers. I am just starting this from scratch, and there will be more concrete ideas to come along. At the moment, I can start by writing a “Sunday modmod Pick” by sharing the vinyl Playlist every Sunday.


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by Modmod Monkey

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