The X’mas Holiday is over for me, I am back on the road again.

 It will just be a day trip, I can’t be hassled to take too much stuff with me since I’m weary and tired after the endless streams of parties and drinking during the holidays. As the sun pours in like wine this morning, I figure out these selected items are the ones that I really could not survive without even on a day trip.
As usual, I just want simplicity, but its not simple to be simple. Let’s join the modmod club and be a modmod Day-Tripper. Click on each product to check out for more info.



1. New York New York Hip Flask

2. Winston Black Zirconium Watch – Komono

3. Vintage Copper Bottle Opener – Kikkerland

4. 4GB USB Mixtape – Basic Principles

5. Jump Cable Lightning – Native Union

6. Brushed Copper Monocle Speaker- Native Union





[dey-trip-er] /ˈdeɪˌtrɪp ər/


a person who goes on a trip, especially an excursion, lasting all or part of a day but not overnight.


by Modmod Monkey

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